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Long, Reher, Hanson & Price Newsletter

Winter 2017 Issue

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• Finally! Special Needs Trust Fairness Act Becomes Law
• Designation of a Caregiver
• Medical Assistance Numbers That Change in January 2017
• SAGE Launches LGBT Elder Hotline
• Do You Have a “Digital Estate Plan?”
• Transfer on Death for Watercraft
• Minnesota Last of 50 States to Enact Pet Trust Law

Summer 2016 Issue

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• Minnesota Waiver Program Update
• Maximum Community Spouse Asset Allowance Now Applies to All
• Medical Assistance Numbers That Change in July 2016
• Minnesota’s ABLE Plan Will Be Operational in 2016
• State Law Increases the Size of Estates That Can Be Administered Outside of Probate
• Special Needs Trust Distributions Are Not Income for Housing Benefits
• 2016 Super Lawyers

Winter 2016 Issue

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• ALERT!!!! Married Persons on Waiver Programs
• Medical Assistance Numbers that Change in January 2016
• New Minnesota Law Provides Additional Protection for Medicare Beneficiaries
• New Name and Other Firm News
• Medicare to Cover Costs of Advance Care Planning
• New Social Security Retirement Rules for Married Couples
• Long-Term Care Insurance—What You Need to Know

Summer 2015 Issue

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• LRH Boasts Four Super Lawyers!
• Achieving a Better Life (MABLE) Plan Accounts Authorized in Minnesota
• New Website and Blog
• Medical Assistance Financial Eligibility Updates
• Minnesota’s Olmstead Plan Remains a Work in Progress
• Technology as Caregiver?
• Only One IRA Rollover Per Year!
• The Medical Assistance Numbers That Change in July

Winter 2015 Issue

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• ALERT! Married Couples Reducing Excess Assets
• Guardianship and End of Life Decision Making
• Medical Assistance Update: The Numbers
• Planning for a Loved One with a Disability
• The ABLE Act: Congress Enacts Important Legislation for Disabled Individuals
• Veterans’ Access to Care Bill Signed
• Another Blow to DHS’ Position on Life Estates
• New Nursing Facility Level of Care Criteria May Affect Your Eligibility!

Summer 2014 Issue

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• Veterans Benefits – 
An Important Part of Your Planning
• Medical Assistance: Beware!
• Medical Assistance: The Numbers
• 2013 Gift Tax Law Repealed; Estate Tax Exemption Increased
• LRH Succeeds in Overturning DHS Position on Life Estates
• Notice to Conservators!
• No Annuity Planning (Yet) for Community Spouses
• Married Waiver Recipients Face Uncertain Eligibility Future
• GAO Study on Medicaid Eligibility Submitted to Congress
• Long, Reher & Hanson Welcomes Two New Associates

Winter 2014 Issue

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LRH Winter 2014 Newsletter_FINAL.inddContents
• New Addition to Long, Reher & Hanson
• Award Hat-Trick
• Maximize Your Medicare Benefits
• MnSure Update
• The Numbers That Change in January
• You Know Who Your Beneficiaries Are, But Does Your Financial Institution?
• New Level of Care Criteria Implementation Delayed

August 2013 Issue

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LRH 2013 August_FINAL.inddContents
• BIG, BIG Tax Changes: New MN Gift Tax & Modifications to the Estate Tax
• Long, Reher & Hanson News
• Medical Assistance Update
• Special Needs Trust Alert Follow-Up!
• New Power of Attorney Laws


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