U.S. Dep’t of Education’s Website On IDEA Disappears

A Department of Education website explaining the rights of students under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act has vanished. That’s the same law that confounded new Education Secretary Betsy DeVos during her confirmation hearings. DeVos dodged questioning about the law last month, insisting it was up to individual states on whether to grant disabled students their educational rights, even though it’s a federal law that applies across the nation. New U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has also blasted the act for its “special treatment of certain children,” blaming it for the “acceleration in the decline of civility and discipline in classrooms across America.”  The Department of Education site attributes the broken link to “technical difficulties” and sends people to the 159-page text of the very technical, complicated statute. The department site also lists available special education programs. The disabilities act information site that has now vanished was established under George W. Bush’s administration as an aide for parents, students, teachers and school administrations to help them understand the rights of disabled students to an appropriate free public education under the law.

Fortunately, you can still access the original IDEA website, as it existed until Jan. 20, at the Internet Archives.

IDEA Website