YouTube video tricking consumers on how to pay bills using Social Security numbers

Consumers are getting swept into some scams across the country that promise a way to use special bank routing numbers supposedly from the U.S. government to cover their bills. But there’s no secret cash stash out there to pay your utility bills or your old outstanding debts with the state.  The scam is outlined in a You Tube video published by “Money Boy Filmz” called “I paid my bills using my Social Security number.” Another is titled: “Believe you can pay bills with your Social Security.”  Ron Leix, a spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Treasury, said the state collections department spotted a pattern of payments in the past month that seemed strange.  By re-examining the account numbers being used to pay bills, staff members noticed that individuals had been trying to pay old state debts by using routing numbers from two U.S. Department of Treasury bureaus — the financial management service and the bureau of public debt.   “Individuals are using these federal routing numbers with their Social Security Number as the checking account number and listing the bank as either FMS or the BPD,” the state treasury department said.

The take away:  if a website or video says you can use your social security number to access federal bank accounts and pay your bills, its a scam!  Stay away!