AARP Weekly Scam and Fraud Podcast–Put in on Your Schedule!

AARP’s new weekly podcast The Perfect Scam profiles America’s biggest scam stories. Hosted by Will Johnson, former Discovery Channel podcast host/producer, and leading fraud expert and AARP Fraud Watch Network Ambassador Frank Abagnale, the series introduces listeners to compelling personal stories from scam victims and their families. Interviews with professional con artists and leading experts in the topic allow Will and Frank to pull back the curtain on how scammers operate and share tips with listeners on how best to protect themselves.  Recent stories:

You’ve Got Mail, With Frank Abagnale

On this special episode, Frank breaks down all the ways fraudsters try to scam you through voicemail and email.

Love Online Leads to International Lockup

When Joy asked Bryon to deliver real estate papers, he had no idea he was being used in an elaborate plot to smuggle drugs.

Inside the IRS Phone Scam Bust

Every year Americans get fraudulent calls from con artists claiming to be from the IRS. We uncover how these call centers work.

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