It’s that time year when people need to think about enrolling in health insurance plans, but experts say beware of enrollment scams, especially people who are on Medicare.  AARP Virginia says between now and Dec. 7, seniors across the country will be trying to find the best deal for their health care coverage, but some of the deals they may think they see are not deals at all.  The organization says Medicare scams are expected to spike during open enrollment due to scammers who call seniors and offer free gifts of limited-time offers.  Such scams aim to capture a victim’s Medicare number so the scammer can charge Medicare for services the victim did not receive.  AARP says seniors should be wary about anyone who calls, emails or visits and who is promoting a Medicare plan.  The organization says legitimate health plan providers are only allowed to contact a person if that person has requested information about the service.  It also reminds people to not give out any personally identifiable information over the phone or to a stranger.  Residents are encouraged to always review their Medicare statements to ensure there is no fraudulent behavior.


Source/more: CBS19 Charlottesville VA