Dog ownership can help older people stay more active – study

Taking the dog out for a walk may boost older people’s activity levels whatever the weather and takes an average of 30 minutes off their daily sitting time, research in the British Medical Journal suggests.


Between September 2006 and December 2011, a sample of 3,123 adults aged between 49 and 91 (average age 69.5), were asked to wear a pedometer for seven consecutive days during waking hours, and provide information on regular physical activity. They were also asked whether they owned a dog, and if so, how often they took it for a walk.

Regular dog walkers were less active on rainy than on dry days, but they were still more active on these days than people who didn’t own a dog. Regular dog walkers were also more active even on the shortest days.

Their physical activity levels were typically 20 per cent higher, and they spent 30 fewer minutes every day sitting down than people who didn’t own dogs.

Read more in the Irish Times.

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