Get a Head Start on 2019’s Medicare Open Enrollment

Via The Motley Fool:

Most Americans turn to Medicare after their 65th birthdays to give them the assistance they need to cover their healthcare expenses. With estimates of total lifetime medical costs for retired couples soaring toward the $300,000 mark, you can’t afford not to make the most of the Medicare benefits to which you’re entitled. Every year, Medicare gives its participants the chance to make key changes to their coverage during the annual open enrollment period. With a start date of Oct. 15, it’s smart to take the time now to prepare yourself for the choices you’ll have once open enrollment begins. That way, you’ll be in the best position possible to use open enrollment to get more value out of your Medicare coverage. This article offers some basic information about how Medicare open enrollment works, along with some tips to help you figure out the best way to navigate it.

Source/more: Motley Fool

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