LRHP Attorney Laurie Hanson Featured in Super Lawyers Article

Laurie Hanson and “the House of Hanson” are  featured in the August 2017 issue of  Minnesota Super Lawyers magazine.   Preview the article below!

Among the many who have taught Laurie Hanson about working on behalf of disabled people, her stepson provided one of the most powerful lessons. Colin, 29, is a car buff and photographer who’s on the autism spectrum. While attending Augsburg College, he befriended a fellow student named Trent.

“He told us all about Trent,” Hanson says. “‘Trent also likes cars. Trent likes music.’

“Finally, we met Trent,” she says. “Trent has severe cerebral palsy. And he’s blind. But that was never anything that Colin thought was important to tell us about. Because he actually just—he doesn’t see it. And I think that’s what people with disabilities want: They want someone who doesn’t see them first with their disability but sees them as a person.”

Hanson, 61, has done more than dedicate much of her career to working on behalf of disabled people and older adults; she’s dedicated much of her life to the cause. As a kid, she was nominated for Chicago’s Junior Volunteer of the Year for volunteering in eighth and ninth grade at a school for disabled kids. After earning her law degree, she spent 15 years with the Senior Law Project at the Legal Aid Society of Minneapolis before becoming a shareholder with the disability and elder law firm of Long, Reher, Hanson & Price in St. Louis Park.

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