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Medical Assistance

Our lawyers will guide you through the Medical Assistance planning process, and our paralegals will apply for Medical Assistance for you when the time is right, and will ease your anxieties throughout the application process.

We will assist you in the following areas:

  • Gathering information for the Medical Assistance application
  • Preparing the application and completing all necessary forms for you
  • Meeting with the county financial worker on your behalf to make sure the application is appropriately processed
  • Reviewing all notices from the county and responding to them in a timely fashion
  • Post-eligibility planning
  • Preparing annual trust accountings
  • Sending you semi-annual updates regarding changes in the Medical Assistance and Veterans Home laws, free of charge
  • Medical Assistance liens
  • Medical Assistance clearance certificates
  • Resolving county claims to recover Medical Assistance benefits from the estate
  • Elective share and statutory share for the surviving spouse of the Medical Assistance recipient
  • Affidavits of collection for estates that do not exceed $50,000 and have no real estate

Our paralegals will keep you informed throughout the process, and you will have direct access to them to answer your questions and concerns.

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