A new Facebook group focuses on finding spots with extra doses plus helping seniors sign up for appointments at new COVID-19 vaccine sites in the state.  Minnesota Vaccine Hunters, is a private group  established “to help seniors and members of at risk communities IN ALL OF MINNESOTA find vaccine appts and vaccination sites, as well as sites needing to use left over vaccines rather than disposing of them.”  You’ll need to permission from the group administrators to join.  If you haven’t joined the Vaccine Hunters group yet, here are some tips.  

  • Sign up for an online account at all the places that offer vaccines to speed up the process of booking an appointment when they open up.
  • Don’t be afraid to call pharmacists, because some keep manual wait lists for when others miss appointments.
  • And through your primary care health system, sign up for a “MyChart” and check it often for openings.

Source/more:  KARE11 News