Via the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

State officials are warning Medicare beneficiaries not to be fooled by deceptive advertising and sales offers during the current shopping season for health plans. One of the big concerns is that beneficiaries recognize what information is coming from Medicare or a legitimate insurance company or agent, vs. information that might be from “a scam artist trying to steal your money,” the state Commerce Department said Wednesday in a news release. Next year, a popular form of coverage known as the Medicare Cost health plan is ending across 66 counties in the state, pushing more than 300,000 Minnesotans to find a new health plan for 2019. Open enrollment for Medicare health plans started Oct. 15 and runs through Dec. 7. It’s the shopping season for those losing their Cost plans, plus the general Medicare population. There’s been a spike in legitimate Medicare marketing in recent weeks, as insurance companies try to woo seniors with Medicare Advantage health plans as well as Medigap supplementary policies that work with original Medicare. Carriers also have launched more Part D prescription drug plans, which also work in conjunction with original Medicare.

Source/more: Minneapolis Star-Tribune