Minnesota will soon test 20,000 per day for covid virus

Via the Pioneer Press:

Minnesota should soon be able to test up to 20,000 people per day for the coronavirus that has brought the world to an essential standstill.  Gov. Tim Walz said the state will partner with the University of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic to provide 20,000 diagnostic and 15,000 antibody tests per day. That level of testing should help health officials better understand how widespread the virus is and improve the state’s response.  “When Minnesota faces a challenge, we rise up — together,” Walz said. “I’m proud to partner with Minnesota’s innovative health care systems and leading research institutions to pioneer how states can begin to move forward amid COVID-19.”  Minnesota could soon have the largest testing ability of any state in the nation, Walz said. It will take a few weeks to get there.  To date, Minnesota has tested fewer than 50,000 patients. The majority of those tests were conducted at private labs.

Source/more:  Pioneer Press

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