Via Senior Housing News:

Minnesota-based New Perspective Senior Living recently partnered with Durham, North Carolina-based Roobrik, a provider of human-centric decision tools for age-related health and care decisions, to make an online assessment tool publicly available online.  Specifically, Roobrik’s “Is it time to get help?” tool guides users through a conversational assessment that lasts approximately four minutes. The tool then utilizes sophisticated algorithms to offer a personalized, clinically informed analysis to seniors and their loved ones.  The tool determines what level of care a senior requires, what care environment would be best, how quickly a change should be made, and how to bring up the subject with relatives and professional caregivers.“This tool helps bring structure and clarity to the process—that can be extremely helpful in reducing stress during what is often an extremely emotional time,” Doug Anderson, New Perspective’s vice president of marketing and communications, said in a press release. “When partnering with Roobrik, we were looking for an unbiased analysis that helps seniors in their housing and care decisions. It was important for us to not have any hidden agendas, and its already making a difference. In just three months, we’ve already helped more than 250 families privately consider the options that are best for them.”

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