Via WUSA, Washington, DC:

The coronavirus pandemic has created new challenges for everyone, but for people living with developmental disabilities, there are a few extra.  The Executive Director of The Treatment and Learning Centers in Rockville, MD, Dr. Pat Ritter, said their clients have dealt with everything from not fully grasping the gravity of the situation to struggling with technology.  One of the adults they help is 35-year-old Jennifer Shannon, who works in a grocery store and happens to have a learning disability.”It’s just been challenging because of the fact that there’s a lot of changes that’s been happening at work,” Shannon said.  She said they’ve changed store hours, added directional arrows in the aisles, and have required employees like her to wear PPE consisting of masks, gloves and aprons in the store.”I know with my disability, there is a lot of things that are hard for me, but then when I look at people without a disability, I can definitely see the difference,” Shannon said. “With my disability…with like transportation, I can’t even drive, and that’s the biggest thing, and the only way I can get around is if I have a family member who actually doesn’t have a disability.”  Shannon said overall she’s doing well and is happy to be at her job, where the center regularly reports she excels.

Source/more:  WUSA