Via HealthDay:

According to a new poll many aging pet owners swear that their animal buddies help them better cope with the physical and mental issues that come with age.  About 55% of U.S. adults aged 50 to 80 have a pet, and an overwhelming majority of them say that their pets bring a host of positive benefits to their lives, the new National Poll on Healthy Aging found.  “Most people who have pets perceive that they are beneficial to their physical and emotional health,” said Mary Janevic. She is an assistant research scientist with the University of Michigan School of Public Health, who helped design the poll.

The benefits of pet ownership for older folks included:

  • Helping them enjoy life (88%)

  • Making them feel loved (86%)

  • Reducing their stress (79%)

  • Providing a sense of purpose (73%)

  • Connecting them with other people (65%)

  • Helping them stick to a routine (62%)

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