News from the Center for Medicare Advocacy:

SHIPs across the country are reporting problems with the new Medicare Plan Finder (MPF)the current Medicare Annual Election Period, which lasts through December 7, 2019. These problems include: inaccurate information about covered drugs and costs, non-formulary drugs, dosage options, copays for individuals with the Part D Low Income Subsidy (LIS) and problems creating a MyMedicare account. At least one Part D plan sponsor, EnvisionRx has instructed its agents and brokers to avoid using the MPF until certain problems are fixed. The Center for Medicare Advocacy has identified several issues with the new release of Medicare Plan Finder. The issues are affecting drug pricing for all plans. Drug pricing is not calculating correctly for carriers with plan designs that have a deductible that applies for specific tiers only. Also, mail order pricing is still only pricing for Standard and not Preferred mail order pharmacies. Until these matters are resolved, beneficiaries should use to use the plan’s website to check drug pricing. While CMS is working to resolve these functional issues, and is providing regular updates to the SHIP network, the fixes are ongoing, in the middle of an enrollment period, and people are making enrollment decisions based upon inaccurate information.

Source/more: Center for Medicare Advocacy