Ride Sharing Can Help Seniors Stay Independent

One of the most difficult transitions for the elderly is that dreaded loss of independence when a person can no longer drive.    But today’s technology offers a way to help older adults maintain their ability to come and go on their own schedule. All you need is a smartphone, plus perhaps a teenage grandchild to install the app for a ride sharing service.  If you live in a large U.S. city with excellent mass transit or in many places in Europe that have superb rail systems, giving up a driver’s license doesn’t mean giving up your independence. Actually owning a car and driving in such places can be inefficient, expensive, and impractical. But in smaller U.S. cities and towns, public transportation is sparse to nonexistent. Losing your ability to drive means losing the ability to live life on your terms. You become dependent on the graciousness and availability of others to shop, eat out, or visit friends or loved ones.  This is where a smartphone and ride-sharing apps come in.  Summoning a ride with Uber or Lyft can be as easy as three touches on a smartphone. Drivers will find you via the GPS system built into your phone. A usual wait for a ride is about 5-10 minutes, and the cost is about half that of a cab. Plus the charges are handled online, so there is no exchange of cash or credit card when you reach your destination.  Imagine how the availability of this service might change life for a senior who can no longer drive. No more being dependent on friends and family to get around. No need to plan hours or days in advance when you need to be picked up. You just take out your phone, touch the app and put in where you want to go. You will then see the number of minutes away a driver is and what the cost of the ride will be. If that’s all agreeable to you, hit confirm and you are ready to go.

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