Seniors Warned of New Social Security Telephone Scam

Via Fox:

Impostors are posing as officials with the Social Security Administration in order to learn more information about their victims in the latest scam making its way around the country. The Colorado attorney general and AARP Foundation ElderWatch program on Monday alerted consumers about the scam. Impostors are claiming to be investigators or attorneys with the SSA and telling consumers their Social Security account is being used fraudulently. They are urging consumers to call back immediately or risk not getting their Social Security check the next month. The AARP Foundation ElderWatch program said hat the office has seen a “major uptick” in the number of calls it has been receiving about this scam. Consumers who receive these calls should hang up immediately without providing any information and, if the caller leaves a voicemail, they should simply delete it. The Social Security Administration Office of Inspector issued its first warning about these calls in March. Anyone who has been a victim of the scam or want to report suspicious activity can file a report online or by calling 1-800-222-4444.

Source/more: Fox31 News