It generally pays to wait to claim Social Security retirement benefits. That’s because the longer you delay — up until age 70 — the larger the monthly check you will receive. One key calculation to keep in mind, though, in deciding when to take benefits, is “breakeven,” or the point at which the amount you receive if you claim later equals the amount you would have received if you had started early. The age at which you will break even generally ranges from 77 to 83, depending on when you start receiving benefits. Social Security is designed with “actuarial neutrality” in mind. That is, regardless if you start receiving your benefits earlier or later, you should receive about the same total money over your lifetime. But because delaying your benefits provides a larger monthly check, most experts advise you to hold off for as long as possible. But certain “blind spots” affect the calculations. These include cost-of-living adjustments, investment opportunities available when benefits are taken earlier, and special considerations for married couples.

Source/more: CNBC