Twitter Updates Reporting Guidelines to Include Attacks on Persons with Disabilities

Via ZDNet:

Twitter has updated its reporting form to include content that targets people with disabilities, the social networking giant announced on Monday. “It is against our rules to directly attack or threaten someone based on their protected category, including disability,” Twitter said. “You asked us to clarify this in our reporting flow, and we’ve updated it to be more specific.” Twitter’s report page now includes “disability” as an example of a tweet that “Directs hate against a protected category” along with race, religion, gender, and orientation, having previously been omitted. The update follows calls from disability advocate Natalie Weaver for Twitter to include hate against people with disabilities as a category in their violation reporting. Weaver had originally reported a tweet that used a photo of her daughter, who has Rett syndrome, to promote eugenics, according to The Mighty. Twitter had initially refused to take down the tweet before eventually doing so and deleting the offending account, The Mighty reported.


Source/more: ZDNet