U.S. Dep’t of Labor Proposes Rule for Pooled Small Business Retirement Plans

Via The Hill:

The Department of Labor has proposed a new rule to allow small businesses to pool together to offer workers retirement plans. The rule, if approved following a comment period, would pave the way for business associations to operate association retirement plans (ARPs), allowing a group of businesses to share administrative and oversight costs. “Many small businesses would like to offer retirement benefits to their employees, but are discouraged by the cost and complexity of running their own plans,” said Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta. “Association Retirement Plans give these employers a simple and less burdensome way to offer valuable retirement benefits to their employees.” The rule would also allow sole proprietors to join into ARPs, which could also be sponsored by Professional Employer Organizations. According to the Department of Labor, nearly 38 million private-sector workers are not offered employer-based retirement plans. The rule comes less than two months after President Trump signed an executive order instructing the Department of Labor to look into the plan. Business groups welcomed the proposed rule.

Source/more: The Hill

Read the proposed rule.