Via the Star-Tribune:

A University of Minnesota program allowing senior citizens to enroll in college courses at a discounted tuition has added fuel to the raging debate over how to deal with the rising costs of higher education. An “NBC Nightly News” story published Sunday highlighted the U’s Senior Citizen Education Program, created by a decades-old state statute requiring state-supported colleges and universities across Minnesota to permit residents 62 or older to audit classes for free or earn credit at the bargain price of $10 per credit. The program at the state’s flagship university was thrust into the spotlight as the U’s governing board prepares to vote on a budget proposal seeking a 2.5% tuition increase for Minnesota undergraduates at the Twin Cities campus next fall. And as Democratic presidential candidates and lawmakers promise to address the issue of college affordability, the NBC story caught the attention of advocates of free college tuition.

Source/more: Minneapolis Star-Tribune