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At Long, Reher, Hanson & Price we’re focused on the areas of special needs and elder law, primarily representing the aging and those living with disabilities. Our uniquely qualified and experienced attorneys act as personal advocates, skillfully guiding clients through the complex and often confusing maze of legal issues surrounding government programs (including Medical Assistance and Veterans Benefits), estate planning, gifting and asset protection, nursing home and home health care planning, long-term care and more. Many people refer to our firm’s attorneys as Elder Law or Elder Care Attorneys.

Federal Court Orders Appeal Rights on “Observation Status” Issue for Certain Medicare Hospital Patients

“The Court heard the voices of our clients, who represent the thousands of Medicare beneficiaries faced with the baffling observation issue – when they are already dealing with a hospitalization for significant illnesses and injuries. Fairness and due process require that they have an opportunity to appeal their hospital observation status to Medicare, just as they can for most other issues affecting their Medicare coverage.”

On March 24, 2020, a federal court issued a decision in a nationwide class action, Alexander v. Azar, finding that certain Medicare beneficiaries who are placed on “observation status” at hospitals, rather than being admitted as “inpatients,” have the right to appeal to Medicare to challenge that status. If you are a Medicare beneficiary who received “observation services” in a hospital since January 1, 2009 and either did not have Medicare Part B, or, you were hospitalized for at least three consecutive days but not three days as an inpatient, you may be a member of the class. No action is required to join the class. To read more on this topic and for future updates go to:

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We believe the best way to prepare for the future is to be equipped with information today. At Long, Reher, Hanson & Price we’d like to come speak to your group or organization about Elder Care issues you face now or may encounter in the future.

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Congratulations to Cathryn Reher, Laurie Hanson, Laura Zdychnec, and Mary Frances Price for their 2020 recognition as Super Lawyers.

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